Maple Wall Systems Ltd is now one of the well recognized companies in the field of Cement Stucco, Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS) Applications and Stone Veneer Applications in the Province of Ontario. Over the years our applicators have been trusted for their vast experience in the application of EIFS and Conventional Cement Stucco Systems, combined with our ability to provide quality service on projects ranging from high rise residential and mixed use buildings, commercial and retail buildings, institutional facilities and low rise residential buildings.  Furthermore, our company specializes in re-cladding buildings with fatigued and deteriorated building envelopes.


Maple Wall Systems Ltd is an installer of EIFS & Conventional Stucco Systems as well as Decorative Architectural Mouldings and Stone Veneer.  Our work is carried out in an economic, safe, energy efficient, versatile and innovative method. We are authorized to apply products manufactured by all well known EIFS & Conventional Cement Stucco Products Manufacturers and Stone Veneer manufacturers.


For many years our work has stood for remarkable quality, durability, safety, innovation and timely completion. Our highest priority is to provide lasting, reliable and innovative cladding solutions to our customer base, whether their project is new or retrofit. We have acquired this knowledge through our long lasting reputation for quality and commitment to the EIFS industry and we continue to improve with the growing industry needs. We regard every detail and specification of each project as a challenge to our workmanship and ensure that we surpass the expectations of our clients.  Maple Wall Systems Ltd is a company based on the ideal of superior customer service and quality installations.  We are proud of our Team whose effort and dedication continues to shine in the Construction Industry.


» Shopping Malls & Retail Centers

Maple Wall Systems Ltd has worked with many developers and designers to provide architectural design and aesthetic appearance to neighborhood Malls & Marketplaces. We have completed many retail buildings whose brand names are very recognizable in the Construction Industry.

» Hotels & Residential Suites

Maple Wall Systems Ltd provides a unique combination of craftsmanship and technology to provide aesthetics to your buildings which create long lasting impression.  We are very proud to have worked with esteemed names in the hotel and accommodation business.  Our team works closely with clients to ensure best quality and problem-free applications throughout the construction process.

» Institutional & Long Term Care Facilities

From new construction to retrofit, Maple Wall Systems Ltd has a wide range of EIFS/Cement Stucco and Stone Veneer solutions to meet the design requirements of both designers and local building codes.  We specialize in commercial type buildings and we are experts in the application of a variety of different types of related cladding options to satisfy even the most stringent requirements.  Maple Wall Systems Ltd are experts in providing alternatives to conventional exterior finishes like brick or stone yet as durable and reliable as any other system.

» Residential Custom Homes

In the area of Residential Custom Homes, Maple Wall Systems Ltd ensures the provision of the most suitable design to meet both the customer’s needs as well as budget requirements without compromising quality.  We specialize in the application of EIFS/Cement Stucco and Stone Veneer for Custom Homes and coupled with our expertise in the installation our Architectural Mouldings, we can transform an ordinary looking house into a work of art.

Once again take our quotation in consideration with the fact that we will leave you satisfied with the end result. The employees from Maple Stucco & Wall Systems Ltd. will not settle for anything less than perfect.

We hope to hear from you sometime in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us.

Yours truly,

F.Zeki Mert, Director CEO
Maple Stucco & Wall System Ltd.